Types of Hand Sewing Needles

hand sewing needle

Those who are not familiar with how to sew think that all hand needles are the same. This is not true.

It is true that most hand sewing needles have a sharp point on one end and a eye on the other end but this is one of the only common similarities between different types of hand sewing needles.

Learn more about the different types of hand sewing needles:


This is a long, thin hand sewing needle with a larger eye on the end. The purpose of this needle is to attach sequins and beads and other accents to fabric.


This is a long, thick needle for ribbon or pulling several strands of yarn or embroidery floss through the eye end of the needle.


This type of hand sewing needle is often used to repair holes in knit fabrics such as socks or scarves. This is a long needle with a large eye at the end.


This is one of the most common types of hand sewing needles used for general purposes such as sewing on a button onto clothing. The eye end of the needle features a tiny slit to allow the thread to go into the eye without having to thread it.


This is an average-sized needle with average thickness that is used to sew embroidery onto the surface of pillows and upholstery and other fabrics. This type of needle is perfect for decorative purposes.


This hand sewing needle is used for sewing accents onto leather and suede materials. The needle has a triangular point at the end and an average thickness.


This is the general and traditional sewing needle. The needle features a sharp point and average length and is used for hemming and several other forms of sewing.


This is a large needle with a blunt tip used for sewing accents and stitching onto loose weave fabrics.


This needle has a curved construction for tufting upholstery fabrics.

You can see there are several forms of hand sewing needles and each one has its own unique construction and purpose. You need to be sure you are using the right needle for your project and we hope this brief description of each type helps!