Types of Machine Sewing Needles

sewing machine needle

There are not as many types of machine sewing needles as there are types of hand sewing needles. This does not mean it is not important to use the correct needle for your specific project or fabric though.

Machine sewing needles have both the point and the eye on the same end with a thin, flat end on the other side.

Each needle has its own purpose and performs different than the others. You will notice the difference if you use the incorrect needle for a project so it is important to know the differences between each machine sewing needle and which one to use for various fabrics.

These are the different types of machine sewing needles:


You will use this needle for sewing denim fabric for jeans or pants or canvas and heavier materials. This needle features a very sharp point and it is much larger than the three other types of machine sewing needles we will discuss.


This type of machine needle is used for top stitching and decorative effects as well as some types of pintucks for fabric. This needle has one of the more unique constructions of both machine and hand needles as it has two needles mounted on one bar. A twin needle is not compatible with all models of sewing machines so you should check your model to ensure it will be compatible.


The wing needle is used in heirloom sewing and featuring tapering wings on the bar from point to clasp. You use this needle on cotton and linen fabrics.


Similar to the hand sewing version, the leather needle for sewing machines features a triangular point to pierce through leather and suede materials.

You can often ensure a sewing needle will work for your sewing machine if you purchase the same brand of needle as the brand of sewing machine you own. You can also look on the packaging for other brands of needles to see which types of sewing machines the needles are compatible with.

You want to be sure a needle is compatible with your machine and the needle is the right one for your fabric. Now that you know the types of machine sewing needles you should have no problem choosing the right one for your project!